Food & Beverage

The food & beverage industry is one of the most highly regulated sectors anywhere.

Constantly changing and increasingly stringent regulatory processes continually add overhead costs associated with cleaning and sanitizing food and beverage plants.  On average plants will:

  • spend 20% of each day on cleaning equipment

  • 10-20% of it's energy consumption on cleaning facilities

The unique nature of RAW Element "alternative" chemicals are that in a single pass they will clean, do-odourize, degrease and sanitize thereby reducing time spent in clean up and commensurate costs.  Water temperatures for cleaning can be reduced because of the active ingredients of these formulas which in turn reduces overhead costs even more.

These readily biodegradable chemicals are safe for workers and minimize contamination hazards in food and beverage facilities.

Fish & Meat Processing

Government regulatory bodies everywhere are placing increasingly stringent rules on fish and meat processing facilities using caustics and chlorines, aldehydes and ammoniates.  In some countries these compounds have been banned entirely.

RAW Element safe-to-use chemicals have already proven themselves to be an able ally and alternative to traditional chemicals. These "green" cleaners are readily biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, non-reactive with other chemicals, non-comedogenic to skin, highly filterable and reusable and are safe to use, store and dispose of.

RAW Element chemicals:

  • Easily separate fats and oils from all substrates without damaging surfaces.

  • Eliminate and remove protein build-up

  • Contain a log 5 germicide which kills 99.99999% of bacteria and germs

  • A single pass will sanitize, degrease and clean all hard and soft surfaces

  • Reduce multiple chemical storage containers with a single chemical

  • Seperate and remove carbon and soot build-up on all substrates

  • Aid in keeping drains and sewers free of fats and oils build-up

  • Can be used in livestock holding areas, floors, walls, and all other areas of the plant with equal success.

Prepared Foods

Food preparation surfaces and equipment clean-up is a time consuming yet critical facet of operations.  


Traditional petrochemicals place a significant and unnecessary strain on quality control measures as their many harmful components add extra layers of safety protocol and work safe procedures to operational processes.  This all comes with increased costs and significant potential liabilities associated with their use.

RAW Biochem's RAW Element chemicals are safe to use in and around food preparation areas, packaging systems, in and on ovens and with utensils and trays.  


They will not harm, scratch or scar surfaces while cleaning and sanitizing in a single pass.

"Green" chemicals are non-toxic, non-flammable and contain no VOC's.

These readily biodegradable chemicals will not only safely clean and disinfect all substrates, they are designed to break long chain carbon molecules into short chain molecules.  The proprietary micelle formulations work hard at removing burned and caked on food products from substrates.


RAW Element "alternative" chemicals have the strength to outperform conventional petrochemicals in all areas of the beverage industry and do so more safely than the alternatives.


Active ingredients in these readily biodegradable chemicals are micelle which measure only 1 to 4 nanometers in size. These are 50 to 100 times smaller then the particles created from typical cleaners and detergents.


This small size and extreme surface area to volume ratio enables the micelle to penetrate all manner of fittings, valves and piping.  They will lift out and emulsify deep into porous surfaces and remove ingrained and unwanted dirt and organic matter.

These Colloidal Solutions:

  • Are effective in removing tartrates, proteins, yeasts, and molds that build up inside tanks

  • Remove milkstone

  • Sanitize pipes, valves, pumps and equipment

  • Easily dissolve heavy sugars

  • Clean filters without their removal and will not damage sensitive substrates

  • Reduce water temperatures during cleaning to generate significant energy savings

  • Reduces cycle time and water consumption through a one pass clean.