Manufacturing is all about quality, performance and the bottom line.  RAW Element "alternative" chemicals excel at all of these.

RAW Element "green" chemicals are superb performers on the shop floor but add extra punch by not only being competitively priced, they also:

  • increase speed of chemical cleaning tasks,

  • reduce work safe costs,

  • lessen PPE requirements,

  • reduce worker liability premiums,

  • increase accident free days and

  • reduce or eliminate discharge and environmental fees.

Manufacturing Process

The line-up of readily biodegradable chemicals from RAW Elements touches on almost every aspect of manufacturing.


  • Easily remove fats, oil & grease from all manner of substrate without scarring or scratching surfaces.

  • Offer a breakthrough chelation process which removes rust from ferrous metals and leaves no residue.

  • Specially designed compoounds prevent metals from oxidizing and rusting

  • Foaming and de-foaming agents make light work of keeping fluids active

  • Quickly remove mineral deposits such as scale and limestone

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities management in manufacturing plants can have major impacts on production volumes, worker safety and product quality.

RAW Elements recognizes these issues and has developed products to minimize facilities management. These include:

  • Boiler water treatment chemicals

  • Surfactant cleaners and disinfecting agents remove oil, grease and organic soils from floors and all working surfaces

  • Demulsification chemicals

  • Heavy duty degreasers

  • Heavy duty vehicle wash cleaners

Equipment Maintenance

A regular maintenance program using RAW Element "green" chemicals generates numerous financial rewards and benefits not available with conventional processes and petrochemical solutions.  

The active microscopic sized ingredients lend a hand by accelerating the speed of parts and machine clean-up without endangering maintenance personnel or requiring special work-safe precautions or equipment.

The domestically grown ingredients make short work of separating all manner of fat, oils & greases without damage to substrates or employees.