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RAW Elements

A Powerful Industrial Grade, 

Health Canada Approved Heavy Duty Degreaser, Cleaner & Sanitizer exclusively formulated for the meat processing industry!

The Bottom Line - Save Money!
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RAW Elements represents a generational leap forward by using responsible cleaners/degreasers to replace toxic and caustic petrochemicals currently being used in the meat processing industry today.

RAW Elements is a superior cleaner and will save you money in so many ways.

Here are just a few of the operating savings that RAW offers.

  • RAW Elements is price competitive.  In fact, if you show us your last chemical cleaner invoice, we'll beat it by 10%.  That's money in the bank!  But it gets better!

  • Save time.  RAW's HD Degreaser Sanitizer removes bio-film with ease. You will spend less time scrubbing.  With up to 20% of your day spent cleaning, this means large savings in labour costs and more time spent on the floor making product or getting sales.

  • Lower your gas bill.  Ideal temperatures for RAW Elements products are 45 C (115 F).

  • Fewer chemicals needed.  RAW's formulation does so much more than ordinary chemicals.  You can safely eliminate the many different products  you're now using.  Reducing your chemical inventory is a saving in time and money and the very safe nature of our products means that there is less chance of a mistake being made in clean-up.

  • Reduce worker liability insurance costs.  Our cleaner is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable and has no VOC's.   Nothing more needs to be said.

  • Lessen work-safe equipment costs.  Because our cleaner is so safe, you can reduce or completely eliminate some of the costly personal protection gear.  Proper safety procedures still need to be followed but your employees will spend less time worrying about the consequences of using those nasty petrochemicals.

  • Easy on your equipment.  While you may not see it, those petrochemical cleaning compounds being used in the industry can scar or damage metal surfaces which in turn creates more opportunities for bio-film to set in.  RAW Element cleaners do not scar or mar the finish on plastics, glass, fiberglass or stainless steel.  

  • Keeps drains clean.  RAW's amazing cleaner continues to work in drains and piping as it leaves your plant.  The ingredients are designed to be diluted with water and even after they have performed their work in the plant, they will continue to clean.  Not having to "pig-out" your piping system is just one more way that we will save you money.

  • Odour removal.  While we don't broadcast our cleaners as being designed for removing offensive odours, their natural ability to scour and clean even extends to reducing odours in the plant and from those nasty collection drains.


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This powerful industrial grade Health Canada approved cleaner/degreaser is formulated from renewable, domestically grown, plant based ingredients that will readily biodegrade to their natural state within days after being used.  Our sanitizer is a proprietary blend of readily available and safe to use minerals.


With these primary ingredients, RAW Elements has proven that strong, effective "green chemicals" can also mean safe to use and great for the environment.  

Effective Biofilm Removal

Biofilm Removal

Contamination of food with spoilage bacteria and pathogens from food processing remains a challenge for the food industry.  Spoilage and pathogenic micro‐organisms cost the food industry millions of dollars annually with much of this contamination attributed to the presence of biofilms in the processing plant.

Of particular concern in meat processing plants are the increased resistance of biofilms to cleaning and disinfection processes.  Biofilm also exerts an oxidant demand which consumes chlorine residuals in the distribution line and requires higher doses at the treatment station for residual maintenance at the end of the line.

RAW Elements Heavy Duty Degreaser, Cleaner & Sanitizer is proven to safely remove these biofilms and protein build-up without the use of chlorines while bringing substrates back to their former lustre.

RAW’s proprietary formula effectively cleans and removes protein, blood and biofilm from all substrates including stainless-steel, plastics, fiberglass and rubber without damaging, scarring or tarnishing the surface.

Concurrent to the cleaning action, safe to use sanitizers contained in the formulation will kill up to 99.99% of all bacteria and germs with a Log 5 germicide.

Before RAW Treatment
Typical shield before cleaning - Note th
After RAW Treatment
After B4 - 6%.png

Note that prior to application of the RAW cleaner, stainless steel shields are stained with biofilm and protein.

Despite repeated efforts with a well-known commercially available cleaning compound, biofilm remains an ever-present problem at this plant.

Raw HD Degreaser Cleaner Sanitizer  is sprayed on and allowed to dwell for 10 minutes before being air dried.  No agitation, hand cleaning or pressure spray has been applied.

Note that all biofilm and protein stains have been removed.  Stainless-steel lustre and sheen have been recovered.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits
Unlike  the corroding effect of many petrochemicals, RAW Element products are safe for all substrates.  This reduces equipment maintenance  and replacement costs.
Unlike  the corroding effect of many petrochemicals, RAW Element products are safe for all substrates.  This reduces equipment maintenance  and replacement costs.
RAW Element products will not react with other chemicals to create new, unwanted, dangerous and difficult or expensive to control  derivatives.
Safe to use chemicals will reduce accident and injury claims. Lessened personal insurance and liability premiums and in personal protective equipment costs are sure to follow.
Unlike  the corroding effect of many petrochemicals, RAW Element products are safe for all substrates.  This reduces equipment maintenance  and replacement costs.
No VOC's
Products are water based and will not off-gas.  Users will not suffer eye, nose and throat irritation, nausea or headaches.  Storage and handling costs will dramatically drop.
Non flammability means that special storage and distribution costs disappear
Readily Biodegradable
 Environmental and discharge fees, trucking charges and special handling costs are reduced or will entirely disappear as all ingredients go back to their natural elements
Unlike  the corroding effect of many petrochemicals, RAW Element products are safe for all substrates.  This reduces equipment maintenance  and replacement costs.
Only Safe Ingredients
RAW Element products do NOT contain petroleum distillates, glycol ethers, metasillicates, builders and reagents, sulfanates or slicones, borates, caustics or chlorine. 
Does NOT contain Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
RAW Products do not cause allergies, dermatitis or asthma.  Once again, personal liability and worker compensations costs are reduced and fewer sick days will be recorded.
Skin sensitive employees are sure to appreciate the ingredients as the formulation will not clog skin pores.
rig wash.jpg

These highly effective and powerful chemicals can be used in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Livestock holding areas

  • Transportation & delivery trucks

  • Floors & walls in common and office areas

  • Kill floors

  • Deep freezers

  • Containers

  • Packing Machinery

  • Carts & Cleaning tables

  • Refrigerators

  • Etc.

Applications & Uses

Numerous opportunities exist to further reduce operating costs including:

  • Waste water run-off will continue to clean piping and drains as it leaves the plant.

  • Will aid in reducing offensive odours throughout the plant, in piping and drainage pits

  • There are no toxic ingredients in RAW Elements chemicals and minimal likelihood of contaminating meats or meat products.

  • Safe chemicals means lessened health risks and more productive employees 

Secondary Benefits

All ingredients in RAW Element chemicals are derived from domestically grown and renewable ingredients.

With a firm commitment to support the agricultural industry, ingredients contained in RAW's Industrial cleaners, solvents and specialty products are comprised of alcohols, fatty acids, esters, waxes, chelators, and other chemical fractions derived from soy, corn, peanut, palm, linseed, safflower, sunflower, walnut, Jojoba and cotton seed, etc.

We are proud to support farmers!

Supporting Agriculture
Other Products

RAW Elements carries a full line of readily biodegradable chemicals which can solve many other issues faced by industry including;

  • H2S, ammonia and mercaptan scavengers

  • Demulsification agents

  • Tank cleaners

  • Wax inhibitors

  • Soil & water remediation chemicals

  • Food safe lubricants & oils

  • Hydraulic oils

  • Penetrating lubricants

  • Calcium & Boiler scale removers

  • Rust remover

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