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Nanomiser Ultra Fine Bubbles

Oxygen and other gases are the fundamental building block on which all living beings rely.

Nano & ultra-fine bubbles harness the power of these gases for the demulsification of oil, used as a cutting agent to clean hydrocarbons from substrates, soil & water remediation, accelerating plant growth, reducing mortality in livestock, accelerating fermentation, and a host of other tasks which were previously too expensive or disruptive for industry.

The nano bubble generator creates bubbles which remain suspended in fluids for several months.  This makes the bubbles available for use by all living things and creates an environment for a healthier planet.

Nano-bubbles are the next frontier in non-invasive, ZERO harm industrial processes.

"The ability to harness naturally occurring gases for our own purposes is just another step in man's evolution towards a safer and cleaner environment."

         Larry Peters

                  President: RAW Biochem


Ultra-fine bubbles (UFB) FAQ

What is a UFB?

Ultra Fine Bubbles are nano-size gas bubbles which own unique properties in water.

Nano-bubble sizes

How can I see a UFB?

UFB are not visible and can be detected with a green light laser
(wave length = 532 nm)

Measuring nano-bubble size

How is a UFB measured?

The Malvern NanoSight instrument is able to detect UFB in the water and to measure particle size and concentration.

The Nanosight uses Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis for individual UFB observation and diffusion measure.

Nano-bubble generaor bubble measurement

Why is size important?

With greater levels of oxygen or gas in the bubble, it becomes more buoyant and will quickly surface from the fluid to escape back into the atmosphere.

Smaller bubbles will remain suspended in the fluid for longer periods of time because the water pressure will keep it suspended.

Nano-bubble generator keeps bubbles submerged.

The Math

Large interfacial area concentration for constant gas volumetric ratio (void fraction)

Formula 1.jpg

The larger interfacial area for smaller bubbles are 80.000 times greater.

Nano-bubble generator

Bubble inside pressure is higher than environment due to mechanical force balance required to maintain stable curvature of a bubble.

Formula 2.jpg

Solubility follows Henry’s Law: Solubility is proportional to gas pressure.


Smaller bubbles are much easier to solve into water.

Bubble Pressure.jpg

Electrically charged UFB's

Zeta potential of UFB ranges roughly  from -10mV to -70mV under normal conditions.

Charged bubbles show either repulsion or  attractive force like Coulomb's force when two  bubbles or foreign particles approach to each  other.

Nano-bubble generator

What is Surface Adsorption?

Organic substrate (surfactant) is adsorbed at the interface with hydro-phobic group towards the gas side.

Example of Oil particles (+)  absorption by UFB (-) in Oil-Water Emulsion

Nano-bubble generator

Free Radical Formations

Formation of free radicals has been experimentally confirmed when they collapse. 

High temperature and pressure fields formed at bubble collapse induce

decomposition of water molecules.

Nano-bubbles generator

How Long Will They Last?

UFB can survive up to a few months.

There are more than several models reported to explain stabilization  mechanism of UFB

Nano-bubbles Generator

Ultra-fine Bubble Generator

Nano-bubbles Generator

Nanomiser reduces energy consumption by 20 - 50% over other commonly prescribed aerators and transfers >90% of all oxygen.

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