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Petcoke Liquifier 

Also known as: Toluene Insoluble Organic Matter (TIOM's), Petcoke, Smarties & Diamond Black.

Residual Petcoke/TIOM's have proven to be one of the most difficult by-products to remove from piping, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, vessels & treaters at refineries and upgraders everywhere.

Petcoke/TIOM’s are commonly characterized as asphaltenes since they appear as a black deposit or sludge in tanks, exchangers, reboilers and numerous other systems.  What is unique about this material is that it is not soluble in toluene or almost any conventional solvent.

Certain solid fractions are associated with significant amounts of toluene insoluble organic matter (TIOM), physically or chemically adsorbed onto particle surfaces. These fractions are generically described as ‘organic rich solids’ (ORS).


Two types of ORS have received particular attention.


The first is a coarser fraction, usually less than 44 μm but also occurring as particles greater than 100 μm in diameter. This material typically occurs as aggregates of smaller particles bound together by humic matter and precipitated minerals. 


The second important fraction comprises very thin, ultra-fine clay particles with a major dimension of <0.3 μm. These ultra-fine clays, with a surface coating of organic matter, remain with bitumen during the separation process. In bitumen upgrading, these solids may be entrained with volatile overheads and cause problems in downstream operations.

This insidious problem can cost millions of dollars/year to remove from operating systems.  The process of removing these residuals removes valuable equipment from operations while they are being cleaned and with that comes a corresponding blow to revenue.

Added to this already major hit to the bottom line are those ancillary costs associated with damage to equipment through the mechanical or caustic cleaning process, the costs of extra precautions needed to safeguard employees and of the plant itself from toxic chemicals used in the process as well as those from discharge, environmental, trucking and handling fees.

RAW Biochem's Petcoke Liquifier is the antidote to conventional cleaning methods.

Petcoke Rocks on Orange 2.jpg

From Vacuum Distillate Tower

Hard Vitreous Appearance


From Heat Exchanger Piping

Soft & Malleable

RAW's Petcoke Liquifier is a clean-in-place (CIP) bio-based chemical which liquifies petcoke.  This liquification process:

  • Eliminates the need to fully cool piping and exchangers before cleaning

  • Eliminates the need to remove LEL's or H2S from systems prior to cleaning treatment

  • Eliminates the need to pull bundles from exchangers

  • Eliminates the need for pigs & caustics.  This is a clean-in-place process with no disassembly of the equipment needed when removing residue.

  • Eliminates the need for new seals and gaskets in exchangers

  • Eliminates the need to hydro-test before restarting as all equipment has remained intact during cleaning.

The bottom line benefits include:

  • The CIP process reduces operational downtime to a single shift and increases operational revenue with quicker turnarounds.

  • Petcoke Liquifier extends equipment duty cycles.  Petcoke Liquifier is a bio-based ZERO hazard chemical which will not harm ferrous or non-ferrous metals, gaskets or seals

  • Petcoke Liquifier is non-reactive and will not off-gas or create VOC's.

  • it's non-flammable status minimizes employee liabilities

  • A non-reaction to hydrocarbons or chemicals.  This means there are no liabilities and no additional chemical treatments are needed to optimize profitability.

  • Reduced concerns of adhering to spill protocols. The CIPO program minimizes extraneous spills and reduces time on site for remediation.

Photo 1.jpg

From Storage Vessel

Cures Hard like Asphalt


Petcoke Lump.jpg

Petcoke Before Treatment

Before Shot of Beaker.jpg

Petcoke in Beaker

Beaker After Separation.jpg

Demulsified Petcoke

82 C (180F) action in beaker as petcoke is liquified

Vacuum Distillate Tower Petcoke Liquification

Heat Exchanger TIOM's Liquification



3% Product in Water.jpg

20 mg TIOM's

20 Grams in 400 mL.jpg

50 Minutes to Liquification


60 Mins at 3% in 500 mL.jpg

Demulsified 12 Hours Later

Testimonial Email from PDVSA Petropiar: 12/05/2014 (Google Translated copy)

" There was a chemical cleaning to the exchanger 10-E-012 with the product Petcoke Liquifier for muddy water exchangers PP provided by Suplitrol, which was effective. 


Below is the behavior that has had the 10-E-012 after its chemical cleaning (reviewed in annex mail).  The same according to trend, see Figure No 1., present low temperatures in the effluents compared with those observed in dates before cleaning (172 F before versus 126 F current).

There was a simulation Pro II team to verify heat transfer before and after cleaning, and it indicates that the heat transfer efficiency improvement was substantial, whereupon INTEVP/PetroPiar endorses this procedure for future cleanups"

Marianila Acosta.
Líder Destilación y Áres Externas.
Ing. de Procesos, Servicios Técnicos
PDVSA Petropiar.
Intevep-"Instituto de Tecnología Venezolana para el Petróleo."

Nano-technology At Work

Petcoke Liquifier Information

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The Benefits are Clear

Worker Safety is #1

Injuries add significant costs to every business with chemical use being one of the leading causes of injury and long term health issues.  RAW's ZERO hazard rated, bio-based chemicals safely perform all the same tasks as conventional petrochemicals but will reduce accidents and injury related work-safe premiums.

Environmental Safety.

All RAW technologies are designed to minimize environmental hazards.   Within 28 days, 60-100% of our bio-based chemical ingredients are undetectable.  

Our water technologies remove all impurities from contaminated fluids to create crystal clean water.

Public Safety.

Issues surrounding public safety are of paramount concern to all public facing businesses and government. The many dangers can include severe allergies and reactions through to burns and respiratory ailments.  RAW nano-technologies touch on and solve all public safety concerns.

Equipment Safety.

RAW bio-based chemicals are non-reactive and will not scar or damage ferrous or non-ferrous metals, gaskets and seals which in turn reduces maintenance costs while extending equipment duty-cycles.  Our water technologies have minimal components leading to safer operation and lessened maintenance costs.

"Petcoke Liquifier is a game-changing formulation that will improve operational up-time and revenue while also reducing maintenance costs.

All this, while still retaining our ZERO hazard standard."

         Larry Peters

                  President: RAW Biochem

3% Water Dilution Demulsification 12 hou


Op Costs.png


Features Benefits.png


Dilution Strategy.png



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