Petcoke Liquifier

Petcoke Liquifier is an in-situ cleaner that liquifies petcoke and eliminates:

  • The need to cool piping and exchangers before cleaning

  • The need to remove bundles from exchangers

  • Pigs & caustics.  This is an in-situ process with no disassembly of the equipment needed when removing petcoke residue.

  • The need for new seals and gaskets

  • Hydro-testing as all equipment has remained intact during cleaning.

The bottom line benefits include:

  • Reduce operational downtime to a single shift and increase operational revenue from quicker turnarounds.

  • Extended equipment duty cycles.  Petcoke Liquifier is a ZERO hazard product which will not harm ferrous or non-ferrous metals, gaskets or seals

  • No VOC's and it's non-flammable status minimizes employee liabilities

  • A non-reaction to hydrocarbons or chemicals.  This means there are no liabilities and no additional chemical treatments are necessary to optimize profitability.


Petcoke Before Treatment

Petcoke in Beaker

Demulsified Petcoke

82 C (180F) action in beaker as petcoke is liquified

Vacuum Distillate Tower Petcoke Liquification


Super-concentrate is Fluid Miscible


Nano-technology At Work

Petcoke Liquifier Information

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