RAW Element Readily Biodegradable Alternative Chemicals offer a wide variety of solutions specifically designed to match the needs of your industry.

All RAW Element "green" solutions come with the same high standards that have already proven so successful in industries as diverse as agriculture, hospitality, transportation, manufacturing and more.  


Not only have they demonstrated an unequaled ability to meet the demanding needs of so many industries, they also satisfy the need to manage your bottom line by keeping your budgets in check.

Products do not “burn” off soils to clean like caustic cleaners, but use the power of colloidal suspension to surround the soil so that it can be lifted away without damaging the cleaning surface.

RAW Element "green" alternative chemicals" are powered by micelles.  These hyperactive cleaning particles cause the soil including hydrocarbon, fats, oils, greases. proteins and sugars to lift and release from the substrate surface.  These are non-traditional soaps and detergents and use non-ionic surfactant technology which causes the soil to repel from the surface.

Product formulations include

  • Plant-based Surfactants (Surface Active Agents), which make water “wetter” allowing for easier separation of soils

  • Sequesterants tie up water hardness

  • Hyper-wetting agents, which break water surface tension

  • Amines, which saponify fatty acids (create soap)

  • Fatty Acids, which solubilise fatty soils

  • Deionised water, which help to eliminate hard water contaminants

The action of RAW Element proprietary micelle formulations are key to its highly effective characteristics.


Unlike traditional cleaning agents that simply break down the dirt and are then washed away, Pure Element micelle ingredients create a push-pull effect which easily releases all manner of dirt, fats, oils & grease from the surface before being safely rinsed away.  There are no harmful environmental consequences with its use as 60-100% of ingredients are degraded to their natural state within 28 days of discharge.

RAW Element solvents are non-toxic, readily biodegradable products which offer greater performance characteristics than many halogenated or chlorinated solvents but without the obviously harmful effects.

These solvents do not compromise performance and easily replace commonly used compounds such as 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, Xylene or Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), yet are non-reactive to elastomerics such as viton, butyl, nylon, acrylics, HDPE/LDPE, styrenes, urethanes, vinyls and  most inorganic paints and coatings.

These scientifically formulated bio sanitizing agents contain special properties which make them ideal for use in food, hospitality, agricultural and clinical industries.  


Powerful  detergent and sanitising agents contain a log 5 germicide.  They will kill 99.99999% of bacteria and germs yet remain classified as readily biodegradable and safe to use with a hazard rating of 0.

Bio Sanitizers will not damage glass, fiberglass, plastic, rubber or metal and can be safely used in all commercial, industrial, public and health areas.

Extensive testing has proven that refining the molecular makeup of water improves the health of all plants and animals and with improved health comes improved profitability.

TransformancE 'fine-tunes' those frequencies and “organizes” water molecules to create a more efficient nutrient delivery structure and facilitates fuller cellular uptake in both plants and animals.

TransformancE is a process of combining and transferring specific frequencies into various materials through a quantum photonic-like process. The transferred frequencies enable the target material (water) to perform beyond its normal state by causing the molecular structure to become more organized or coherent. This impact is only observable with the use of an
electron microscope.

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