Casing Cleaner

Casing Cleaner is a revolutionary, non-toxic, bio-based colloidal solution that simplifies removal of residuals from the well bore and used for the maintenance of oil, gas and water wells.

Casing Cleaner is a single step, highly concentrated, non-flammable, multipurpose well bore cleaner that de-scales and aids in the removal of Mud, Pipe Dope, Oil, Sand, Barite, Paraffin and other solids from casing & production tubing casing

Bitumen Buster

Heavy caked on bitumen and crude is one of the nastiest products to remove from all types of substrates.


Bitumen Buster makes this chore easy.

It will not only quickly liquefy and separate baked on hydrocarbons, it will leave the substrate untarnished or scarred.  But, be careful.  It's completely safe for employees and the environment but It just might rip the paint off if it allowed to dwell too long.

Calcium & Scale Removal

Calcium & Scale removal is quickly removed with RAW BIochem's readily biodegradable chelation formula.  Unlike commonly used acids, there are no concerns of damage to substrates as our chemical will not scar surfaces.  The micelle based formulation easily penetrates all surfaces and frees calcium, scale and mineral deposits.

There is no requirement for special equipment or procedures, extra ventilation or unique personal protection equipment.  Spent product is safely disposed of through normal disposal methods.


RAW's demulsification program brings a whole new dimension to the separation of oil and water.  

This oil agnostic product removes the worry of choosing the correct product.  The biggest challenge when working with RAW's demulsifier is understanding what dilution rate to use.  Experience has shown that this incredibly powerful demulsifier has performed with ratios of 1 part product to 5,000 parts water and in some instances can be diluted by up to 20,000 parts water.

The Eliminator

The Eliminator easily overcomes deadly human resource issues associated with H2S, Mercaptans, Ammonia, LEL’s.

RAW’s Eliminator is designed with a unique saponification formula which encapsulates the offending molecule enabling safe and easy disposal.

It's safe to use formulation allows spent product to be re-purposed for black water use in pressure and steam washers.

Gel Fragment Emulsifier

Significant costs are added to operations when flowback and produced water is heavily laden with gel fragments and hydrocarbons that are dispersed throughout the fluid matrix. 


RAW's Gel Fragment Emulsifier is specifically designed to break the bond to guar gum, friction reducers, drilling fluids and hydrocarbons. Treated flowback and produced water that had been heavily saturated with gel fractions will only have a slight scum floating on the surface. Scum can be rinsed and is miscible with agitation. 


For brine reuse, RAW’s Gel Fragment Emulsifier allows for easy rehydration with most friction reducers and thickening agents.

Heavy Duty Degreasers & Cleaners

These readily biodegradable degreaser/cleaner formulations safely work to remove heavy oil deposits and stains from all types of solid and semi-solid surfaces without damaging the surfaces.

It is safe for users and for the environment and carries an enviable 0-0-0-0 hazard rating.  These products are non-toxic, contain no VOC's, are non-flammable and non-caustic.  They are non-reactive and will not create new compounds or unknown substances when in contact with other chemicals or liquids.

Disposal is as easy as releasing through standard sewage system piping as they will not damage the environment.

Invert Cutting Remediation

Invert Cutting Remediation fluid can remove >99% of all hydrocarbons from cuttings which enables land spread of in-organics or for use in road way construction.

Green Earth Invert Cuttings Remediation Fluid is ideal for use at all drilling locations where cuttings must be secured and disposed of as hazardous goods.  It is also an ideal product to be used at a central facility as Invert Cuttings Remediation Fluid can be repeatedly used and recycled without significant loss of efficiency.  In the event that strength of solution appears to be less than originally designed, the addition of more concentrate will bring fluids back to their full capacity to fully clean invert cuttings.


RAW’s Invert Cutting Remediation formula reduces transportation and landfill costs and its’ active micelle ingredients are be repeatedly re-used before losing their strength.

Rust Conversion

RAW Element's rust and corrosion conversion formula is a great start to reducing the impervious effects of rust on steel.  The unique formulation converts rust to a ferrous material and solidly bonds with all ferrous metals to create an impervious layer which temporarily protects metals from further oxidation until the metal can be permanently coated with an impervious rust coating.

There is no need for special personal protective equipment or breathing apparatus when using this formulation and disposal entails separating dislodged scale and debris from the solution prior to discharge to the storm water or sanitation systems.  Remaining product constituents will degrade to their natural state within 28 days without environmentally hazardous impacts to the ecosystem.

Rig Wash

RAW's Heavy Duty Rig & Equipment Cleaner replaces the need for petrochemical products and steam processes.  One simple solution includes solvents, surfactants and other cleaning agents. All ingredients are readily biodegradable; plant based materials and offer a host of additional benefits.


The proprietary formulation easily lifts dirt, crude oil and other petroleum derived products from all surfaces and leaves no dangerous residues or scum behind.  99% of the runoff will have completely disappeared in less than 30 days with exposure to oxygen sunlight and naturally occurring microorganisms.


 Heavy Duty Rig & Equipment cleaner encapsulates and suppresses volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) to further enhance worker safety.​

Rust Removal

Rust Remover is an exceptional product with a proven ability to remediate rust without the dangerous side-effects and costs associated with commonly used treatments such as acid.  Rust Remover easily lifts rust off of steel, metals and concrete without damaging the surface or creating conditions which will further accelerate rust growth after its treatment.


RAW Elements Rust Remover counters the commonly held belief that only caustic and environmentally hazardous products are able to mitigate this problem.

Surface Wash Remediation

RAW's Remediation Surface Wash fluids are a unique alternative to costly environmental spills.

Remediation Surface Washing Agent is a colloidal cleaner that acts on contact to begin degrading long chain hydrocarbons. It does so by cutting hydrogen bonds and isolating individual molecules to make them more easily digestible to resident bacteria. 


The effluent and encapsulated hydrocarbons will degrade 98.98% within 28 days.



Well Bore Polymer Clean-out

Polymers used during drilling are difficult to remove from the well-bore after completion but RAW's solution safely separates and destroys these polymers which in turn allows the well to flow more freely.

This product not only cleans out polymers but will also open up near well arterial pathways for greater production.

Well Optimization

RAW's well optimization formula is proven to increase production and reduces lift costs.  The strength and unique abilities of this product has demonstrated amazing abilities to recharge under-performing assets throughout the Americas.

These products are oil agnostic and perform equally well with all API oil types and characteristics.

No special equipment is required and optimization fluids continue to work in cleaning up midstream assets as they move downstream.  No need to separate fluids as they will not harm substrates or foul exchangers, valves and other equipment.

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The full scope and range of work that can be performed with RAW Elements line of readily biodegradable, anti-oxidant solutions touches on all operational areas associated with the oil and gas sector.

These are just some of the upstream chores which can be safely and quickly completed with the power of RAW Element green solutions.