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RAW Element chemicals support farmers.

RAW Element alternative chemicals are made using only farm grown plant extracts and oils.  Soy, corn, canola, palm, coconut, peanut, sunflower, walnut and many other domesticated plants are the building blocks which make RAW Element chemicals so safe to use around pets, livestock and workers.  No special procedures or equipment is needed to keep your valuable crops and livestock clean and free of contaminants.

These chemicals will not harm valuable infrastructure and will not leave a residue on equipment or crops.  

In the Barns

The flexibility of these "green" chemicals will amaze you.  Not only will they safely clean facilities, they will also sanitize equipment and barns without the need to protect livestock or employees from over-spray.


No special care is needed to dispose of chemicals after their use.  They will not harm sewage or lagoon systems and can be safely spread on fields with no harmful side-effects.

RAW Element chemicals are excellent for use in:

  • Cleaning & Sanitizing Farrowing Barns

  • Cleaning & Sanitizing Fish Tanks

  • Cleaning & Sanitizing Milking Parlours

  • Removing milk stone from equipment

  • Washing & Disinfecting Udders

  • Egg-Washing

  • Barn clean-outs

Vegetables & Fruit

RAW Element  "alternative" chemicals are designed and manufactured using many of the same ingredients raised by fruit and vegetable growers.

RAW Element products are built for these special circumstances and do not contain petroleum distillates, chlorines, caustics, glycols, ammoniates or other harmful ingredients that can damage or impact your products value.

These multi-dimensional cleaners and sanitizers make short work of the tasks you are faced with in getting products to market.


RAW Element chemicals :

  • will kill mold and mildew

  • will safely wash produce without leaving oily residues

  • will sanitize without the use of chlorines

  • are safe for consumers

Mechanical Maintenance

Repair, maintenance and cleaning in and around livestock, fish, fluid milk equipment or fruit and vegetables always require special attention.

RAW Element chemicals carry an enviable 0-0-0-0 hazard rating and can be safely used without the many risks associated with conventional chemicals.


There is no need for special handling, work safe procedures or extra equipment.

Active micelle ingredients have an amazing ability to accelerate clean-up chores under extremely demanding circumstances.

They are ideal for:

  • Degreasing metal, plastic & glass

  • Removing rust & corrosion

  • Descaling boilers

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