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Industries RAW Biochem Serves

RAW bio-based chemicals for the oil and gas industry


Upstream, midstream or downstream, RAW's suite of technologies will deeply impact your bottom line and processes.

Our innovation is yours!

RAW bio-baed cemicals for the food processing industry


The demands of food processors are a constant battle with regulatory bodies, bacteria and  cleanliness.

Raw has the answers.

RAW bio-based heicals serve all industries.


RAW's solutions range from enhancing plant and animal growth through to treating waste water and remediating soil.

We will improve your bottom line!

RAW's technology portfolio serves all industry. 


The vast amount of resources and critical infrastructure required in the oil & gas and food processing industry demands the most innovative solutions.  It is to these critical areas which RAW devotes its energy.

A deep understanding of the issues being faced in these industries enables our team to address your concerns and develop a strategy which will minimize unnecessary capital spending while minimizing operational and budget constraints.

We respect your knowledge and experience and look forward to working as a part of your team to enhance your industry standing.  We will add bottom line value to your processes & improve ROI's.  We are committed to your success.

RAW's proprietary technologies have been field proven in every part of the globe and under every circumstance.

These next-generation solutions will enhance your bottom line, add lustre to your industry standing and gain client accolades as a forward-thinking innovator.

RAW bio-based chemicals are safe for humans

Health, Safety & Environment

RAW's technologies are proven to enhance employee health and safety.

They will not harm employees, require no special handling, transportation or storage and are designed for minimal maintenance.

Readily biodegradable bio-based chemicals are 97.7% non-detect after 28 days while atmospheric oxygen and benign gases are used with our Nano-bubbler.

Polymeric Ceramic Membranes (PCM) separate all contaminants in fluid to create pure potable water and safe to handle sludge.

RAW Products are available for any industry and serves the globe

Helping you find the right solutions.

Our network of distributors are eager to help you find the perfect solution.

Contact us and we will help you find the right team to solve your problems.

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