Oil & Gas Industry

RAW solutions are built for the demanding oil & gas industry.  The full range of standard products span upstream, midstream and downstream segments.  Custom blends are available to meet even the most difficult task without endangering employees or the environment.


Managing the many industry tasks is made easier with our flexible super-concentrated formulas.  The active ingredient in all RAW products is the use of water.  Dilution rates will vary depending on the task and the demands of the work to be performed.


Unlike conventional petrochemicals, RAW products are non-reactive .  They will not create new and unwanted compounds or hazardous side effects.  They will not change the characteristics of the oil or gas and can be easily separated from the hydrocarbons at any point.  In the event that our products are carried to the plant, our compounds will not damage or create additional problems during processing or refining.

RAW Elements represent a generational leap forward in responsible chemicals.  They will deeply and positively impact your bottom line and raise your environmental rating to industry leading standards while protecting employees from the ravages of caustic and dangerous petrochemical products.

RAW product solutions have proven to outperform many conventionally formulated petrochemicals in all areas of the oil and gas industry but when it comes to work at the well-head, you'll be impressed by their speed and their strength.

Choose from a wide range of products including:

  • Drilling surfactant

  • Drilling Lubricants

  • Casing Cleaners

  • Remediation Surface Wash

  • Well Optimizer for enhanced productivity

  • Down hole Polymer Elimination

  • Frack Water Tank Cleaner

  • Oil Storage Tank Cleaner

  • Slop Oil remediation

  • Frack Water Demulsification

  • H2S/Mercaptan Eliminator

  • Rig Wash

The RAW team will also custom blend formulas for your unique needs.


RAW products are the first line of defense in keeping critical equipment, tanks and other midstream assets safe from the ravages associated with conventional petrochemical use, waxes and other agents.

These products perform at levels which are in many instances superior to the use of conventionally caustic and hazardous petrochemicals and will not damage sensitive equipment in the field.

RAW products will not scar, damage or cause harm to metal, fiberglass, rubber, nylon or other materials.


In the event that there is a product spill, these innovative products formulated with domestically grown ingredients will revert back to their essential components within 28 days of contact with sun, water and naturally occurring microbes.

Confidence in RAW products extends to the knowledge that they will not harm or endanger personnel coming into contact with them as they are non-toxic, non-caustic, contain no VOC's  and are non-flammable.


A heightened state of safety encompassing the many issues of operating a refinery are more easily managed using RAW's non-flammable, no VOC and non-reactive cleaning products.

These powerful formulations will not harm or foul exchangers and other equipment, nor will they damage the substrates they come into contact.  They will though continue to perform their roles throughout standard refinery and upgrader processes.

These amazing solutions have been designed for use in everything from Hydrotreater column cleaners through to removing H2S/Mercaptan issues and even scale and calcium build-up.

RAW Elements remain safe for all employees and for the environment with an enviable hazard rating unequaled in the petrochemical product category.


RAW Element chemicals are price competitive but add so much more to the bottom line than simple first line cost comparisons.


Readily biodegradable chemicals enhance profit with positive financial benefits that come from a safer environmental and liability footprint.

Implementing these products will:

  • Eliminate the costs of counteracting petrochemical reactivity.

  • Reduce environmental fees

  • Reduce transportation and waste hauling charges

  • Reduce equipment repair and replacement costs

  • Reduce Personal Protective Equipment costs

  • Reduce liability premiums

  • Reduce employee sick days and improve productivity

  • Minimize handling costs and expand storage options


The strength of any organization are its people but when their health and well-being is jeopardized because of any harm that may occur during the performance of their duties, the entire organization will struggle to achieve its objectives.

RAW Element products are designed to remove harm.

Readily biodegradable chemicals are:

  • Non-caustic

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-cancer causing

  • Free of VOC's

  • Non-comodigenic

  • Non-corrosive

  • Non-flammable

  • Non-reactive

RAW leads the charge to making your "people first" policy come alive in words and deeds.


RAW Element readily biodegradable solutions are an ideal union of nature and man. 


Products are designed to minimize environmental impacts and to safeguard the planet.


Product spills will degrade to their natural elements within 28 days if exposed and in contact with with air, the sun and naturally occurring microbes.

RAW takes seriously its ethical obligation  to the planet by developing innovative solutions which meet clearly defined environmental objectives and standards.

Product ingredients are derived from domestically grown ingredients and support agriculture.

By incorporating RAW "green" bio-based chemicals, users are able to extend and enlarge their own environmental standards as well.