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Oil & Gas Industry

The full suite of RAW technologies are built for the demanding oil & gas industry.  Their applications span upstream, midstream and downstream segments.  

​RAW's bio-based chemicals are proving their versatility, strength and bottom line value every day. Their product scope includes cleaners, scavengers, chelation agents, modifiers, descalers and many more powerful atnidotes to the use of petrochemicals


Polymeric Ceramic Membranes will reduce operational costs wherever the separation of potable water from produced frack water, contaminated sludge ponds & spills and will minimize transportation and disposal fees for contaminated fluids. 


Nano-bubbles accelerate the separation of oil in water or water in oil demulsification programs.  These nano sized bubbles act as a cutting agent that will lift hydrocarbons to the surface for easy recovery.

RAW represents a generational leap forward in efficient & responsible technologies.  They will deeply and positively impact your bottom line, protect the health of your employees and raise your environmental rating to industry leading standards.

RAW bio-based chemicals for upstream oil and gas


RAW products span applications ranging from ZERO hazard surfactants to casing cleaners to well optimizers.

Our solutions will reduce  operating costs while increasing revenue using next-generation technologies already proven in the field.

RAW bio-based chemicals for midstream oil and gas industry


From simple storage tank cleaning through to demulsification and sludge removal, RAW's products perform these tasks with ease.

These superior technologies will outperform conventional processes and leave extra money in your pocket.

RAW bio-based chemicals for downstream oil and gas industry


The complexities of operating downstream assets are compounded by the differing API's, engineering design and climatic conditions.

RAW's technologies are proven to increase operational up-time and revenue while also reducing maintenance costs.

RAW's technologies are oil agnostic.  They do not distinguish between varying API's, oil chemistry or temperatures.

This flexibility creates opportunities from former liabilities!


RAW technologies impact all areas of the oil and gas industry
RAW technologies grow the bottom line


RAW bio-based chemicals and technologies are price competitive but add so much more to the bottom line than simple first line cost advantages.

RAW will enhance profit by increasing operational up-time and improve productivity while also lowering operations, maintenance and equipment replacement costs.

Implementing these technologies will:

  • Eliminate the costs of counteracting petrochemical reactivity.

  • Reduce environmental and disposal fees

  • Reduce transportation and waste hauling charges

  • Reduce equipment repair and replacement costs

  • Reduce Personal Protective Equipment costs

  • Reduce worker liability premiums

  • Reduce employee sick days and improve productivity

  • Minimize handling costs and expand storage options

RAW bio-based chemicals are safe for humans and the environment


The strength of any organization are its people but when their health and well-being is jeopardized because of any harm that may occur during the performance of their duties, the entire organization will struggle to achieve its objectives.

RAW technologies are designed to lessen harm.

RAW's readily biodegradable bio-based chemicals are:

  • Non-caustic

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-cancer causing

  • Free of VOC's

  • Non-comedogenic

  • Non-corrosive

  • Non-flammable

  • Non-reactive

RAW's proprietary Polymeric Ceramic membrane water filtration and nano-bubbles treatment solutions are designed to minimize employee involvement.

RAW leads the charge to making your "people first" policy come alive in words and deeds.

RAW bio-based chemicals are safe for humans and the environment


RAW nano-technology solutions are the result of the union of nature and man. 

Inspiration for these technologies emulates the processes and strategies already perfected by nature and is known as "Biomimicry".

Biomimicry imitates strategies that have evolved from and are  already being used by species alive today.  From the study of nature, man can solve some of the greatest design challenges our planet faces.

RAW's technology suite  enhances sustainability through regenerative design — and allows humans the chance to restore air, water, and soil.

RAW technologies create conditions conducive to life, just like nature does.

We take seriously our ethical obligation to the planet and by working with the RAW team, you too can become a force in preventing more problems and in healing our planet.

Climate change won’t wait – its imperative that we look to the biological blueprints from nature that have already proven successful over millennia. 

We don’t need to reinvent the strategies that nature employs. We just need to learn how to adapt them.

         Larry Peters

                  President: RAW Biochem

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