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The food & beverage industry is one of the most highly regulated sectors anywhere.

Constantly changing and increasingly stringent regulatory processes continually add overhead costs associated with cleaning and sanitizing food and beverage plants.  On average plants will:

  • spend 20% of each day on cleaning equipment

  • 10-20% of it's energy consumption on cleaning facilities

The unique nature of RAW bio-based chemicals are that in a single pass they will clean, do-odourize, degrease and sanitize thereby reducing time spent in clean up and commensurate costs.  Water temperatures for cleaning can be reduced because of the active ingredients of these formulas which in turn reduces overhead costs even more.

These readily biodegradable formulations are safe for workers and minimize contamination hazards in food and beverage facilities.

Bio-basd chemial cleaners are safe for humans and will not cross-contaminate foods.


RAW bio-based chemicals are a proprietary blend of domestically grown ingredients with a proven ability to remove bio-film and clean the most difficult surfaces.

RAW safely solves problems using ZERO hazard rated solutions.

RAW Food Industry solutions include the ability to remove all biofilm within minutes! 

The proprietary formulation will peptize, emulsify, degrease and disperse oils, fats and greases.



Anti Fog

RAW's Anti-fog xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bolloidal bio-based chemical penetrates, separates and removes all built-up carbon on solid surfaces.

Carbon Remover

Carbon Remover is a proprietary, safe-to-use nano-formulation designed to separate tight carbon bonds from adherence to all manner of substrates. 

Colloidal bio-based chemical triggers organic degradation process on contact with fats, oils an proteins.

Food Service 400

Designed to speed up and improve degreasing & cleaning while triggering the organic degradation process on contact and as wastewater is processed.

Food prep cleaner lifts and separates fats, oil an grease while also sanitizing surfaces.

Prep Area Cleaner

RAW’s Food Prep Area cleaner lifts & separates fats, oil and grease from all substrates.  Tea Tree oil adds sanitizing properties and leaves a fresh clean surface.

A bio-based chemical bactericide that is safe for humans.


Biotrol is a long acting bactericide designed to sanitize all hard and soft surfaces.  Formulation uses

domestically grown ingredients to create a 0-0-0-0 hazard rating. 

Health Canada approved degreasr sanitizer removes fats and oils and sanitizes solid surfaces.

HD Degreaser Sanitizer

RAW’s HD Degreaser eliminates the need to work with caustic, toxic and flammable cleaning
compounds to remove fats, oil and grease (FOG).

Specially formulated to lift and emulsify grease and oil from glass surfaces.

Glass Cleaner

A highly concentrated single step cleaner that breaks hydrogen bonds and prevents emulsified materials from re-bonding to the cleaned surface.

Proprietary nano-colloidal chemistry delivers superior lifting power and remarkable performance to cleaning stainless steel.

Stainless Steel

Proprietary nano-colloidal chemistry allows RAW's Stainless Steel Cleaner to deliver superior lifting power and remarkable performance.

A safe to use bio-based cleaner designed to remove all proteins and fats from footwear.

Boot Dip

This colloidal solutions separates and lifts all proteins, fats, oils and grease off of footwear and aids in preventing re-adhesion.  Will not damage rubber or neoprene.

Bio-based chemical separates fatty waste and grease fom all solid surfaces.

Floor & Drain Cleaner

 Colloidal solution is designed to break bonds which enable heavy grease & fatty waste to adhere to concrete and tile floors, trough and pocket drains and piping. 

A bio-based chemical saponification formula safely and permanently encapsulates offending molecules.

Nano Sorb SME

A unique benign saponification formula which encapsulates the offending molecule enabling a safe and easy method to neutralize odours.

Food Service 400

"The success of RAW's products in the food industry is not reliant on dangerous chemicals or caustics but instead; relies on lifting soils from the surface with a non-reactive formulation.

The benefits are witnessed by the reduced incidence of cross-contamination, lessened work or health related concerns and minimizing energy and water consumption costs."

         Larry Peters

                  President: RAW Biochem

RAW Products are available for any industry and serves the globe

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