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PCM Water Treatment

RAW's technology portfolio is built from the molecule up. 


Polymeric ceramic membranes are the future for water treatment.  These membranes contain 21 different materials bonded together at the molecular level to create a new and painless way of removing all contaminants from water.

PCM units have been field tested and proven over a 9 year period with frack water, heavy metal treatment, water remediation, produced water separation and a host of other contaminated water tests.

This is a disruptive technology that changes the way we deal with contaminated fluids.

Nanotechnology is defined as the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules which are sized at less than 100 nano-meters.

Polymeric ceramic membranes are created at the molecular level to remove ALL unwanted contaminants from water.

Waste-water effluent treatment

Fruit juice, wine & beer clarification

Ultrapure water for semiconductor industry

Metal recovery as colloidal oxides or hydroxides

Cold sterilization of beverages and pharmaceuticals

Continuous fermentation

Purification of condensed water

Environmental remediation such as fluid spills

Frack water purification for re-use or land-spreading

Oil water emulsification separation

Medical applications such as transfusion filters and purification of surgical water

Industry Opportunities

PCM Manufacturing

Nano-molecular Polymeric Ceramic Manufacturing

Def; Molecular Manufacturing

To build new materials from the molecule up.

E.g.: Wood & steel combined to become a new purpose built material.

Polymeric Ceramic Surface View
Polymeric Ceramic Membrane cross-section

PCM Surface

PCM Cross-section

Polymeric Ceramic Membrane

What are the membrane ingredients?

Synthetic Polymeric Membrane

Ceramic Membrane


PTFE, Teflon: Polytetraflour Ethylene

Alumina, Al2O3

PVDF: Polyvinyl Defloride

Zirconia, ZrO2

PP: Polypropylene

Titania, TiO2

PE: Polyethylene

Silicium Carbide, SiC


Cellulose Esters

PSF/PES: Polysulfon/Polyether sulfon

PA: Polyamide

Are units field tested and proven?

PCM water treatment units have been successfully trialed over a 9 year period in a wide variety of applications with non-stop operations in cleaning frack water and produced water during that period.

What are maintenance requirements?

Units are self-cleaning.  In the event that some deposits do build-up in membranes, membranes can be reverse flushed with water for 30 minutes prior to re-engaging processes.

What are the rated capacities?

PCM Filtration units are available in a variety of sizes and can be "ganged" together for increased volume.

E.g.: This unit shown at right is rated at 200 tons of fluid treatment/day. (40,000 gallons - 150,000 litres/day).

Polymeric Ceramic Membrane Unit

"Nature's flexibility and resourcefulness has been duplicated in this technology through the integration of numerous materials into one single membrane which can perform feats not previously attainable!

The benefits of this technology go straight to the bottom line."

         Larry Peters

                  President: RAW Biochem


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