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RAW's Bio-based Chemicals

RAW's bio-based chemicals are powerful alternatives to conventional caustic and toxic petrochemicals. 


The micelle (active ingredients) in these formulations range in size from 1 - 4 nanometers (nm) and are classified as a nanotechnology

The suite of RAW Biochem bio-based chemicals have proven to perform tasks in the demanding upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry as well as the highly regulated food and beverage sector which conventional petrochemical solutions have been unable to achieve. 

These are disruptive chemicals that change the process landscape and how we manage it.

RAW's price competitive bio-based chemicals compete toe to toe with conventional petrochemicals.

Their performance and efficiencies offer the bonus of reduced liabilities and environmental fees.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Non-reactive bio-based chemicals

Non Reactive

Product formulations will not react with or create new and unwanted compounds or gases when interacting with chemicals or other liquids.

This feature benefits operators by reducing risk, lessening or eliminating employee liability issues and minimizing hydrocarbon mechanical processing concerns.

RAW products are non-flammable

Non Flammable

All RAW solutions are water based and fluid miscible.  They are not subject to spontaneous ignition or chemical combustion.


The non-flammable status reduces transportation, handling and storage costs.

RAW products arf non-carcinogenic.

Non Carcinogenic

RAW products are Genotoxicity and Mutagen free.  Their ingredients will not disrupt, alter or mutate human cells.

These mutations can cause cancer or other abnormalities.

All ingredients are readily biodegradable

Readily Biodegradable

In the event of a product spill, 60 - 100% of the ingredients will revert back to their original state within 28 days and register as non-detect if in contact with naturally occurring micro-organisms, sunlight and water.

This lessens or eliminates costly environmental and emergency clean-up procedures and associated costs.

Products are nn-toxic and safe to use.

Non Toxic

Safe-to-use formulations reduce accident/injury claims and reduce the need for incident reports.

Benefits include lessened insurance/liability premiums and reduced personal protective equipment costs.

RAW proucts are non-comedogenic.

Non Comedogenic

Skin sensitive employees are sure to appreciate the ingredient formulations.


They will not clog skin pores or create rashes such as acne or Rosario.

Products are dilutable with water.

Water Miscible

Products are available in super-concentrated and concentrate They are classified as water miscible and must be diluted with  water or refined fuels which then act as the catalyst which enables products to perform to their optimum efficiency.

Users can choose the level of dilution to match difficult, standard or easy cleaning applications.

Products re no-toxic

Non Caustic

Products will not damage ferrous or non-ferrous metals, fiberglass, plastics or other man-made substrates.

This in turn reduces maintenance and replacement costs for equipment or other infrastructure.

RAW products are VOC free.

No VOC's

Products are water based and will not emit noxious or flammable gases.  This reduces transportation, storage and handling costs as well as reducing the dangerous impacts of human contact with VOC's.

"This is the future of chemicals!"

         Larry Peters

                  President: RAW Biochem


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