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RAW is on the front line of practical nano-technology applications.  The following information qualifies the unique place in history which these products will hold and the unique methods employed to create these new processes.

The ripple effect from their use will resonate in all industries.

Powerful Bio-based chemicls are readily biodegradable.

Bio-based Chemicals

RAW products are celebrated for their ability to remediate soil and water, demulisfy oil, descale calcium & mineral build-up, remove aromatics and so much more.


RAW safely solves problems using ZERO hazard solutions.

Nano & ultra-fine bubbles accelerate cleaning and demulsification programs.


All of Earth's living organisms require oxygen to survive.  

RAW's nano-bubbler increases oxygen density in fluids.


Increased oxygen improves health, reduces medication levels, accelerates growth and improves yields.

Polymeric Ceramic Membranes remove all contaminants and purify water to potable standards.

PCM Water Treatment

Nano-molecular manufacturing has enabled the melding of 21 disparate materials into a membrane which will remove ALL contaminants and purify water to potable standards.

Technology will remove heavy metals, bacteria and all manner of contaminants.

Designing technologies at the nano level opens up a panorama of possibilities previously unattainable using the same tired processes.


RAW is following nature's lead through an evolving and ever changing landscape.

Bio Based Chemicals


"RAW technologies demonstrate the strength that comes from harnessing

nature's molecular building blocks."

         Larry Peters

                  President: RAW Biochem

Nano bubbler

Nano Bubbler

Polymeric Ceramic Water Filtration Membrane

PCM Membrane
RAW Products are available for any industry and serves the globe

Helping you find the right solutions.

Our network of distributors are eager to help you find the perfect solution.

Contact us and we will help you find the right team to solve your problems.

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