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RAW Biochem offers improved agricultural production by harnessing the memory of water.

RAW Biochem is proud to work with the cutting edge technology known as TransformancE.  This advanced technology exhibits an amazing ability to increase yields in all types of agricultural settings including intensive livestock operations and progressive horticultural and aquaculture operations.

The TransformancE system is designed as a cylindrical device with a series of chambers installed into the water line just before it goes into the watering system of the building. Each unit is modified depending on the dimensions and water flow level of the physical system in
the facility as well as the intended recipient of the now transformed water.

Installing the device is a very simple plumbing job and there is no disruption or adaptation in the rest of the water system needed. There is no chemical added to the water and no extraneous power source is needed.

Plant & Livestock Hydration

Transformance improves plant & animal health and growth

TransformancE is an integral part of any progressive agricultural enterprise and regularly demonstrates an amazing ability to improve productivity and profitability.

Extensive testing has proven that refining the molecular makeup of water improves the health of all plants and animals and with improved health comes improved profitability.

In the last few decades, physicists have advanced a theory that all matter in our universe is based upon the vibrational frequency of infinitesimally tiny 'strings'.  TransformancE 'fine-tunes' those frequencies and “organizes” water molecules to create a more efficient nutrient delivery structure and facilitates fuller cellular uptake in both plants and animals.

TransformancE is a process of combining and transferring specific frequencies into various materials through a quantum photonic-like process. The transferred frequencies enable the target material (water) to perform beyond its normal state by causing the molecular structure to become more organized or coherent. This impact is only observable with the use of an
electron microscope.

The result and benefit of these adjustments to the molecular structure is that plants and
animals achieve optimum hydration.  Benefits include:

  • reduced operating costs,

  • stronger, more robust and healthier plants and animals,

  • lessened need for antibiotics

  • increased production and growth rates,

  • reduced contamination risks

  • these benefits inevitably lead to higher yields and return on investment.

Livestock Research Examples

Transformance improves livestock health and growth

Laying Hens

  • Deformed egg production reduced by 19%

  • Floaters reduced by 11%

  • 2% heavier eggs than standard through to end of production cycle

  • 27% reduction in rate of decline in aging flock

  • 12% reduction in water consumption and drier manure

  • Improved air quality through lessened ammonia from manure



  • Improved growth rates during the first two weeks after weaning



  • Improved herd health and an increase to the age of producing cows

Horticulture Research Examples

Transformance improves plant health and growth


  • Up to 120 days of continuous production (37% longer than typical)

  • 15% improvement in BRIX content



  • 18% improvement in germination

  • 54% greater growth rate after just 10 days



  • 14 day acceleration to maturity

  • 30% greater yield


Celery Seed Germination

  • 11% to as much as a 40% improvement to overall germination


  • 50% thicker stalks after just 2 weeks of growth

  • 31% greater net yield

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