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About RAW Biochem

RAW Biochem and our distributor network represent a philosophy as well as products that are dramatically changing the technology landscape for the oil, gas and food processing industry.

RAW's technologies include bio-based chemicals which are readily biodegradable, polymeric ceramic filtration membranes which purify contaminated water and nano-bubble water treatment generators which enhance water's performance.

We are proud of what we do and of the positive impact that the technologies in our portfolio are having on our client's bottom line and to their environmental footprint.  Each of our technologies creates an ever-widening sustainability ripple which benefits our children and their children as well.

RAW is leading the paradigm shift to a more sustainable economy and is reshaping the future of industry and of our society.

Strong & efficient, cost effective, safe for humans and great for the environment. 

This is what RAW stands for!


Strong & Effective.

RAW solutions have been tested against traditional petrochemicals and technologies and are proven superior. Harnessing the power of nano-technology enables these solutions to excel in even the most demanding situations.  Ask us for the results.   We'd be proud to show you!


Cost Effective.

Better doesn't have to mean more expensive.  Not only have we tested our products against traditional technologies and chemistry and come out ahead, we are an economical alternative that won't break your budget.  We are there to work with you at every step.


Safe to Use.

Yes; we offer strong, effective and cost competitive solutions but there are so many other benefits too.  Reduced work safe procedures, less expensive personal protection equipment, fewer worker injuries and lost time from injuries, lowered hazardous goods disposal fees and the list goes on. 


Great for the Environment.

Strong, effective, cost competitive solutions that are safe to use and you can claim industry leading status by using technologies and chemicals that are also safe for the environment. 

"We've designed RAW so that the benefits of nano-technology can be fully utilized and appreciated in every industry.

This is more than a simple features/benefits statement.  We will fundamentally change how your business operates!"

         Larry Peters

                  President: RAW Biochem


Helping you find the right solutions.

Our network of distributors are eager to help you find the perfect solution.

Contact us and we will help you find the right team to solve your problems, or use our handy data base to locate the distributor closest to you.

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