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Aviation, Military & Marine

RAW Element chemicals are built for the numerous unique demands associated with aviation, marine and the military.


Managing the many critical areas of these industries must encompass safety first without sacrificing or endangering critical infrastructure, performance values, personnel or the environment.


RAW Elements has it covered with non-toxic, non-cancer causing and readily biodegradable products that will outperform the very best that conventional petrochemicals have to offer.  

RAW Elements represent a generational leap forward in responsible chemicals.  They will deeply and positively impact your bottom line and raise your environmental rating to industry leading standards while protecting employees from the ravages of caustic and dangerous petrochemical products.




The strength of any organization are its people but when their health and well-being is jeopardized because of any harm that may occur during the performance of their duties, the entire organization will struggle to achieve its objectives.

RAW Element chemicals are designed to remove harm.

Readily biodegradable chemicals are:

  • Non-caustic

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-cancer causing

  • Free of VOC's

  • Non-comodigenic

  • Non-corrosive

  • Non-flammable

  • Non-reactive

RAW Element chemicals leads the charge to making your "people first" policy come alive in words and deeds.

RAW Element readily biodegradable chemicals are an ideal union of nature and man. 


They are designed to minimize environmental impacts and to safeguard the planet. When in contact with air, the sun and naturally occurring microbes these formulations will biodegrade to their natural elements within 28 days.

RAW takes seriously its ethical obligation  to the planet by developing innovative solutions which meet clearly defined environmental objectives and standards.

By incorporating RAW Element "green" bio-based chemicals, users are able to extend and enlarge their own environmental standards as well.

RAW Element chemicals are price competitive but add so much more to the bottom line than simple first line cost comparisons.


Readily biodegradable chemicals enhance profit with positive downstream benefits arising from a safer environmental and liability footprint.

Implementing these products will:

  • Reduce environmental fees

  • Reduce transportation and waste hauling charges

  • Reduce equipment repair and replacement costs

  • Reduce Personal Protective Equipment costs

  • Reduce liability premiums

  • Reduce employee sick days and improve productivity

  • Minimize handling costs and expand storage options




RAW Biochem is sensitive to the many issues surrounding safety for the aircraft, its personnel and the environment.

RAW cleaning agents are ideally suited to this industry.  With an amazing 0-0-0-0 hazard rating we are the only real alternative to caustic petrochemicals.  

These safe-to-use products will not harm the air-frame, sensitive equipment and electronics or cabin interiors.


Your human resources team can rest easy knowing that RAW Element chemicals are not caustic, do not emit any VOC's, are non-flammable and will not cause harm to personnel. 

Your budget will also thank you as worker liability insurance fees will drop and valuable on-duty staffing days will improve from increased on-duty availability times for staff. 


Even those pesky and costly environmental and discharge fees can be eliminated with use of these readily biodegradable chemicals.



RAW Element products are the first line of defense in keeping mission critical equipment and gear safe from the ravages associated with conventional petrochemicals and cleaners.

RAW Element chemicals do not “burn” off soils (dirt, grease & grime) to clean the surface like caustic cleaners, but use the power of colloidal suspension to surround the soil and lift it away without damaging the cleaning surface.

RAW products will not scar, damage or cause harm to metal, fiberglass, rubber, leather or other materials.


Renewable ingredients which meet exacting MIL specifications are  found in lubricants and greases and will extend equipment life as well as reduce maintenance and duty cycles.

Confidence in RAW products extends to the knowledge that they will not harm or endanger personnel coming into contact with these products as they are non-toxic, non-caustic, contain no VOC's  and are non-flammable.

All of these products are safe for the environment.  Within 28 days after accidental spills or accidents,  the ingredients will have reverted back to their original natural state.




The heightened state of environmental awareness in oceans and water bodies calls out for "safe" products which will do no harm.

RAW leads the way with products that will not harm the environment.  All of the ingredients are derived from domestically grown crops and will disappear within 28 days of contact with naturally occurring micro-bacteria.

Hydraulic and motor oils, gun lubricants and other greases as well as a full compliment of cleaners and rust and mineral/calcium chelation agents are designed to minimize harm to the environment while maintaining superior performance under difficult circumstances.

Many of these products come with ABS, GSA approvals and meet demanding MIL specifications as straight replacements for commonly used but caustic or harmful petrochemicals and oils or lubricants.

RAW Elements are also safe for all on board with an enviable hazard rating unequaled in the petrochemical product category.


The full scope and range of work that can be performed with RAW Elements line of readily biodegradable, anti-oxidant chemicals touches on all operational areas associated with transit.

These are just some of the chores which can be safely and quickly completed with the power of RAW Element green chemicals.

Anti-fouling & Rust Protection

Marine growth and rust causes a variety of problems for ocean going ships.

Marine growth includes hard, soft and animal growth.

Hard growth includes hard algae that create the relatively thin but hard or flaky encrustations commonly found on hulls. Soft growth includes everything from the thin slime common to hulls, to the hairy and leafy algae that is usually found on the waterline and the running gear of a boat.

Animal growth causes the biggest problems and is the hardest to remove.  This growth includes invertebrate organisms such as mussels, barnacles, tubeworms, and others. These organisms can attach themselves anywhere on the hull, although they generally find the best anchorages in areas not protected by the bottom paint (running gear, vents and thru-hulls, bare spots in the paint, etc.)

Rust in turn causes billions of dollars of damage each year and is a constant battle to contain in the marine environment.

Green Earth’s anti-fouling and rust protection coating offers long term solutions to these problems while also offering a wave of benefits including:

  • Significant reductions in the costs to scheduled and un-schedule maintenance programs

  • Reduced drag on the hull from a smoother surface means increased yield and lower fuel costs

  • Faster turn-arounds in port through easier cleaning in holds as the anti-fouling characteristics of this product reduces the cleaning time

  • Reduced worker liability issues from the constant maintenance cycle using many different caustic products


Extensive testing and certification protocols have been followed including:

  • NavSea (Naval Sea Systems Command)


  • ABS

  • GSA


This amazing technology will protect against weathering, oxidation, salt spray, stains, corrosion & pitting while reducing hard, soft and animal growth on hulls.

Rust Conversion

RAW Element's rust and corrosion conversion formula is a great start to reducing the impervious effects of rust on steel.  The unique formulation converts rust to a ferrous material and solidly bonds with all ferrous metals to create an impervious layer which temporarily protects metals from further oxidation until the metal can be permanently coated with an impervious rust coating.

There is no need for special personal protective equipment or breathing apparatus when using this formulation and disposal entails separating dislodged scale and debris from the solution prior to discharge to the storm water or sanitation systems.  Remaining product constituents will degrade to their natural state within 28 days without environmentally hazardous impacts to the ecosystem.

Bilge & Hold Cleaner

Ships holds and bilge can contain all manner of debris and efforts to keep these areas clean may mean removing and cleaning everything from crude oil to rice.

Bilge & Hold cleaner is designed to remediate and clean all manner of "soils" from the sidewalls and floors without damaging, scarring or altering the subsurface.

Fats, oils and greases will emulsify and then demulsify from in-organics and are easily recovered from the surface.  The remaining fluids and in-organics can be safely removed and disposed of without being classified as environmentally hazardous goods.

Calcium & Scale Removal

Calcium & Scale removal is quickly removed with RAW BIochem's readily biodegradable chelation formula.  Unlike commonly used acids, there are no concerns of damage to substrates as our chemical will not scar surfaces.  The micelle based formulation easily penetrates all surfaces and frees calcium, scale and mineral deposits.

There is no requirement for special equipment or procedures, extra ventilation or unique personal protection equipment.  Spent product is safely disposed of through normal disposal methods.

Heavy Duty Degreaser Sanitizer

RAW Element's Canadian Government approved Heavy Duty Degreaser Sanitizer is an ideal companion for the galley or other sensitive areas where cleanliness is critical to safe operations.

This unique formulation not only cleans and degreases all manner of surfaces, it will also aid in sanitizing working surfaces using a proprietary mineral based sanitizing agent.  

The degreaser formulation easily removes burned on food stuffs, fats, oils and greases as well as biofilm and blood protein build-up.

Heavy Duty Degreasers & Cleaners

These readily biodegradable degreaser/cleaner formulations safely work to remove heavy oil deposits and stains from all types of solid and semi-solid surfaces without damaging the surfaces.

It is safe for users and for the environment and carries an enviable 0-0-0-0 hazard rating.  These products are non-toxic, contain no VOC's, are non-flammable and non-caustic.  They are non-reactive and will not create new compounds or unknown substances when in contact with other chemicals or liquids.

Disposal is as easy as releasing through standard sewage system piping as they will not damage the environment.

H2S, Ammonia & Mercaptan Scrubber

The ability to separate and encapsulate the offending molecule means that the formerly dangerous and offensive odours are permanently and irreversibly made benign.

Once the odours have been neutralized, discharged fluid can be discarded without the stiff environmental and discharge fees associated with an environmental hazard.  There are no resulting solids, sludges or gas by-products to deal with.

Perfect for waste-water lagoons, temporary toilets, bilges and holds and oil/gas storage tanks.

"Green" Hydraulic Oils

The full range of hydraulic oils are ultimately biodegradable, bio-synthetic formulas which meet the many stringent ASTM standards required by European and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines including the 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) guidelines for EALs.


These high-performance hydraulic fluids are specially formulated to readily biodegrade and offer low toxicity in aquatic conditions and include an environmentally friendly, zinc-free (ash-less) additive system that meets or exceeds pump requirements.


They can be used in a wide variety of stationary and mobile hydraulic equipment and provide excellent pump lubrication and filterability under both normal and abnormal wet conditions.

They directly replace petroleum based hydraulic fluids and provide exceptional performance in high and
low-pressure hydraulic systems that require Anti-Wear (AW), anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-foam, and rapid demulsibility properties. 

"Green" Gun Lube

These "green" Firearm Lubricants are specially formulated to be ultimately biodegradable and were developed to provide lubrication in a wide range of temperatures, with exceptional performance in extreme subzero temperatures. This product is for use in cleaning, lubricating and preservation of small and large caliber military weapons, operating in a very wide temperature range and meets military (MIL-PRF-63460E) specifications..


In addition, this lubricant can help clean and prevent deposits from forming that cause weapons to jam. The improved performance of Bio-Firearm Lubricant CLP is a benefit in all firearms, but especially noticeable with automatic weapons. This improved performance provides smoother mechanical action that is also noticeable in automatic weapons at temperatures below freezing and provide superior lubrication at very high temperatures above where conventional lubricants fail.

"Green" Motor Oil

These specially formulated lubricants exceed most API requirements for gasoline and diesel engines.


The patented chemistry is blended into the highest quality bio-based and synthetic base stocks and provide extended engine life relative to other conventional oils without this proven chemistry.


The premium quality technology has documented records of excellent field performance in terms of:

• Superior wear and corrosion protection in both conventional valve train and overhead cams

• Superior viscosity stability and low volatility reduces emissions

• High temperature thermal stability and provides unsurpassed soot control

• Superb protection from low temperature sludge and varnish formation

• Enhanced shear and oxidation stability

Runway Cleaner

Unlike conventional petrochemical solutions to the issues of removing runway touch down marks, this specially formulated blend of domestically grown ingredients do not require special handling or application methods and will not damage the runway or markers.

Simply apply the product to the area needing to be cleaned, allow to dwell and then wash off with water.  The resulting by-product is not considered to be a hazardous good and will disappear within 28 days of contact with naturally occurring micro-bacteria.

Rust Removal

Rust Remover is an exceptional product with a proven ability to remediate rust without the dangerous side-effects and costs associated with commonly used treatments such as acid.  Rust Remover easily lifts rust off of steel, metals and concrete without damaging the surface or creating conditions which will further accelerate rust growth after its treatment.


RAW Elements Rust Remover counters the commonly held belief that only caustic and environmentally hazardous products are able to mitigate this problem.

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