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RAW Element "green" chemicals are a single source solution to the many cleaning and sanitizing tasks in the hospitality industry.

Cleaning. maintenance and serving staff use a litany of chemicals to perform the basic tasks of cleaning and sanitizing hotel rooms, bathrooms, common areas, food preparation and kitchen surfaces, swimming pools, laundry services and the maintenance of boilers, piping, pumps and valves. RAW has distilled the solution for these tasks into just a few easy-to-use multi-purpose chemicals which will surprise you with their ability to outperform conventional petrochemicals.

RAW Element chemical are an integral part of the drive to sustainability as they are readily biodegradable and contain no harmful toxins or caustics and are safe for use by all workers.

Rooms, Kitchens & Restaurants

These safe-to-use cleaning and sanitizing products are ideal replacements for conventional cleaning compounds.

RAW Element cleaners will:

  • Cleaning solutions will sanitize all surfaces they come into contact with

  • Quickly lift dirt and organic soils from all porcelain, steel, glass and ceramic surfaces without scratching or scarring

  • De-odourize rooms by neutralizing not just masking odours.

  • Remove built-up rust on all surfaces 

  • Safely remove caked-on calcium and scale deposits .

  • Streak-free clean windows and glass 

  • Remove graffiti from hard surfaces

  • Remove soap deposits

  • Lift grease deposits off of hard surface furniture, kitchen appliances and hard surface floors.

Swimming Pools

RAW Element cleaners and sanitizing agents are ideal companions for heavily used swimming pools and hot tubs.

Designed to break down long chain molecules from fat, oils and grease, these solutions will quickly lift and clean all organic soils and compounds from hard and soft surfaces without endangering the PH level of water or reacting with other chemicals already in the water.

In university tests; RAW Element chemicals have proven to make water 2 times wetter. This enables cleaning times to be reduced and is more effective than commonly used chemicals.

Guests will appreciate that these cleaning solutions are non-toxic and non-comedogenic to skin and safe to use around children and pets.


The many responsibilities associated with maintaining systems in the hospitality industry are a challenge for even the most experienced personnel.  RAW Element solutions change the dynamics of this important function by minimizing service work and reducing the time spent on each project.

These "green" chemicals reduce work safe costs and liabilities because of their natural and domestically grown ingredients.

Chemicals will:

  • Safely remove rust without damaging acrylic, fiberglass, chrome or glass. 

  • Quickly remove calcium build-up on taps, shower-heads and all other surfaces

  • Boiler treatment will remove all mineral build-up inside pumps & piping

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