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Municipal Infrastructure

RAW Element "alternative" chemicals add another level of safety to municipal infrastructure and its residents!

These "green" products are a solid ally in the fight against liabilities.  With a full range of products addressing all of the needs for the many complex and heavily used buildings and structures in a municipal portfolio, these competitively priced "alternative chemicals" are sure to impress with their ability to extend the life of infrastructure, reduce work-safe costs, liabilities and premiums as well as reduce public complaints and liabilities.

Infrastructure Management

Serious issues surrounding vital infrastructure is a compounding and never ending battle with the elements and mother nature.

RAW Element products use naturally occurring domesticated plant oils to help keep infrastructure sound and prevent premature replacement.

The essential ingredient with employees working in difficult conditions are work-safe procedures.  Readily biodegradable solutions are the antidote.  This is highlighted by the enviable 0-0-0-0 hazard rating given to their formulations.

The wide range of functions that these "green" chemicals address includes:

  • Rust removal from critical infrastructure such as bridges and waterworks

  • Rust prevention chemicals

  • Scale & Calcium removal agents

  • Heavy duty degreasers remove tar, crude oil and other fats, oils and grease

Water & Wastewater Systems

RAW Elements complements existing municipal water and waste water facility processes.

Readily biodegradable chemicals are designed not to harm the environment and those same characteristics make them safe for all municipal infrastructure as well. Unlike harsh petrochemicals, chlorines or ammoniates, RAW Element chemicals will not scar or damage critical components made of concrete, steel, aluminum, bronze, plastic & fiberglass.

All RAW Element products are non-reactive. and will not create dangerous new toxins or compounds.  


Green Chemicals include:

  • Degreasers which break down fats, oil and grease for ready discharge

  • Foamers & defoamers

  • Tank Cleaners

  • Scale & Calcium removal agents

Facilities Maintenance

Municipal facilities are complex structures with many significant and unusual demands placed on them.  


Wether they are recreation facilities or office buildings, safety is the fine balancing act which lies between perception and reality. The responsibilities inherent in maintaining them to the public's satisfaction demand strict procedures that reduce these risks as much as possible.

RAW products are non-caustic, no VOC, non-flammable, non-cancer causing "green" chemicals designed to help reduce risks.

Readily biodegradable soutions are:

  • Great for clean up in pools and on pool decks, in showers and public restrooms

  • Chlorine free sanitizing agents eliminate risks associated with use in public areas or for areas around pools.

  • Are odour free for use in common areas

  • Boiler treatment solutions

  • Graffiti removal agents

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