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RAW Elements represent a generational leap forward in responsible chemicals.

RAW Element "green" chemical solutions  will deeply and positively impact your bottom line.  They will raise your environmental rating to industry leading standards, and; protect employees from the ravages of caustic and dangerous petrochemical products.

Designed only with renewable, domestically grown plant based ingredients which readily biodegrade to their natural state, RAW Elements has proven that strong and effective chemicals can also mean safe-to-use.


These are best-in-class solutions to the demanding issues faced by municipal and transit infrastructure departments everywhere.




for Transit

& Infrastructure





The strength of any organization are its people but when their health and well-being is jeopardized because of any harm that may occur during the performance of their duties, the entire organization will struggle to achieve its objectives.

RAW Element chemicals are designed to remove harm.

Readily biodegradable chemicals are:

  • Non-caustic

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-cancer causing

  • Free of VOC's

  • Non-comodigenic

  • Non-corrosive

  • Non-flammable

  • Non-reactive

RAW Element chemicals leads the charge to making your "people first" policy come alive in words and deeds.

RAW Element readily biodegradable chemicals are an ideal union of nature and man. 


They are designed to minimize environmental impacts and to safeguard the planet. When in contact with air, the sun and naturally occurring microbes these formulations will biodegrade to their natural elements within 28 days.

RAW takes seriously its ethical obligation  to the planet by developing innovative solutions which meet clearly defined environmental objectives and standards.

By incorporating RAW Element "green" bio-based chemicals, users are able to extend and enlarge their own environmental standards as well.

RAW Element chemicals are price competitive but add so much more to the bottom line than simple first line cost comparisons.


Readily biodegradable chemicals enhance profit with positive downstream benefits arising from a safer environmental and liability footprint.

Implementing these products will:

  • Reduce environmental fees

  • Reduce transportation and waste hauling charges

  • Reduce equipment repair and replacement costs

  • Reduce Personal Protective Equipment costs

  • Reduce liability premiums

  • Reduce employee sick days and improve productivity

  • Minimize handling costs and expand storage options



The full scope and range of work that can be performed with RAW Elements line of readily biodegradable, anti-oxidant chemicals touches on all operational areas associated with transit.

These are just some of the chores which can be safely and quickly completed with the power of RAW Element green chemicals.

Exhaust Pipe Blue Removal

One of the most difficult soils to remove is the "blueing" associated with chromed exhaust systems.  Inevitable failure using conventional chemicals has created an industry expectation that this colour change is inevitable and irreversible.

RAW Element chemicals are a proven solution and quickly bring chrome exhaust systems back to their original lustre without damaging the substrate.  RAW Element chemicals will not scar ferrous or non-ferrous metals and will not damage chrome surfaces.

Parts/Engine Wash

Eliminate any concerns of chemical burns or the ravages of using toxic petrochemicals without sacrificing efficacy.


RAW Biochem products are proven to effectively lift and separate all fats, oils and greases from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, glass and other surfaces without danger of scarring or damaging the substrate yet it is so safe that mechanics can safely wash hands without the dangers associated with traditional chemicals.

There is no requirement for special equipment or procedures as all RAW Element chemicals are a simple replacement for existing chemicals now in use

Glass Cleaner

The unique RAW Element formulations provide extraordinary benefits to even the most mundane chores.

Not only will its glass formulation clean all windows of dirt, grime, soot and fats, oils and greases, it leaves behind a microscopic layer of enhanced repellent.  The repellent will act as an invisible layer of protection which more easily rejects any soils that have adhered to the surface.


The next cleaning cycle is more quickly completed when surface adhesion is lifted off through the advanced formulation.

Vehicle Wash Bay

The strength and safety of RAW Element chemicals extends to all operational areas of the transit system including the very basic function of washing the exteriors of bus and service vehicles.

RAW Element chemicals easily slip into the normal wash bay processes without the need for special equipment but offers all the advantages associated with readily biodegradable chemicals.

Effluent tank disposal issues are mitigated due to RAW Element's readily biodegradable status.  All hydrocarbons will demulsify for easy separation and removal while non-organic sludge will drop to the bottom.  Fluids remaining between the suspended hydrocarbons and sludge are recyclable into the normal wash stream or can be safely disposed of through the sanitary system.

Uphostery Cleaner

The safe-to-use advantages of RAW Biochem surfactants are indisputable.

Not only will they safely clean all soils including fats, oils and greases from upholstery, they do so without damaging fabrics and plastics, they will not do-harm to cleaning staff.

No special equipment is needed nor do staff need to use special Personal Protective Equipment.  There are no VOC's, green chemicals are non-toxic, non-cancer causing and no-caustic.  These readily biodegradable chemicals truly are the perfect companion for transit departments.

Transit Shelter Cleaning

RAW Element graffiti remover is a sterling example of the many benefits associated with green, readily biodegradable chemicals.

Run-off from the cleaning process readily biodegrades in 28 days or less and will not contaminate ground water or fluids which come into contact with the unique formulation.

Rust Remover and Rust Conversion

Gone are the days when the only means of removing rust is with a wire brush or an acid bath.

Unlike conventional methods of rust removal which accelerate oxidation through pitting and scarring metals, this safe-to-use chelation formulation quickly strips away all rust without damaging the subsurface. 

For a guaranteed solution to the prevention of rust on metal surfaces, RAW Element chemicals introduces its rust and corrosion converter.  The unique formulation converts rust to a ferrous material and solidly bonds with all ferrous metals to create an impervious layer which protects metals from further oxidation.

There is no need for special personal protective equipment or breathing apparatus when using these formulations and disposal entails separating dislodged scale and debris from the solution prior to discharge to the storm water or sanitation systems.  Remaining product constituents will degrade to their natural state within 28 days without environmentally hazardous impacts to the ecosystem.

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RAW Element chemicals are the ideal blend of strength and safety.

Product efficacy is built into every product and proven by the diversity of solutions they can positively impact.

Safety is exemplified by the 0-0-0-0- hazard warning.

Helping you find the right solutions.

Our network of distributors are eager to help you find the perfect solution.

Contact us and we will help you find the right team to solve your problems, or use our handy data base to locate the distributor closest to you.

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