RAW Biochem represent a generational leap forward in responsible chemicals.

Designed only with renewable, domestically grown plant based ingredients which readily biodegrade to their natural state, RAW Elements has proven that strong and effective chemicals can also mean safe to use.  

These are best-in-class answers that will deeply and positively impact your bottom line while raising your environmental rating to industry leading standards.

RAW Biochem Nano-technology Formulations Powerful, Competitively Priced, 


Environmentally Responsible Chemical Solutions

RAW Element Chemicals are designed to meet the many challenges in industries as diverse as food preparation and the hospitality industry to municipal infrastructure and transportation.

Reduce or eliminate costly and dangerous work safe procedures.  Add bottom line value by lessening the need for expensive personal protection equipment, reducing worker liabilities and minimizing insurance premiums

RAW Element Chemicals are an ideal union of nature and man.  All ingredients are domestically grown, readily biodegradable ingredients which tread lightly on the earth.

RAW Products are available for any industry and serves the globe

Helping you find the right solutions.

Our network of distributors are eager to help you find the perfect solution.

Contact us and we will help you find the right team to solve your problems, or use our handy data base to locate the distributor closest to you.

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